Why Your Business Needs a Mobile App?

Human race is experiencing the most rapid technological development, especially in mobile technologies. Apple’s iPhone revolution and Google Android’s unstoppable growth radically changed the way we live. Thanks to this technology, millions of people are connected to the internet via their smartphones. 

Ten years ago, your mobile phone was only capable taking 0.3 MP photos, save your grocery list and you may have a calendar if you were lucky. 

Now the smartphones have more computing power than a decade old supercomputer. This rapid development also dramatically changed the way business are working. For a very long mobile apps were a private membership club for the big companies. Thanks to the economics of scale and the rapid increase of the smartphone usage. Mobile apps become accessible to small and medium size businesses. Moreover, developing an app shifted from being a luxury to a necessity.

Especially for the SME (small to medium enterprises) businesses, offering a mobile app is one of the key components to stay competitive in the market. We know, your website is designed to be adaptable for any mobile devices. However, mobile website will only help the customers who already knew you. It will not help new customers to discovery your brand.

We can summarise the some of benefits of developing a mobile app;

  • Building a relationship with customers and increasing loyalty. You can offer real time customers service through a mobile app. Offer royalty scheme through your app.
  • Increase your visibility. Being on the App Store is the first stage of increasing your awareness. When your customers install your app on their smartphones, your logo will be there and this means free advertisement.
  • Notifications are the new king. Per the studies, an email will be read only 4% but a mobile app notification will be read by 94%! Notification can develop a unique customer relationship and enables you to delivery your message more easily.
  • Your customers are on the go. Mobile apps create a bridge between the customers who are on the go and with your brand. Through a mobile app, on the go customers will be your new customers.
  • Analytics. Mobile apps offer a very comprehensive analytics tool to know more about your customers.
  • Be a part of the digital economy. Digital economy is growing and being a part of this evolution is necessity to grow.