Mobile App Budgeting

  • Ignoring backend development
  • Mobile app ≠ Web site
  • Marketing Budget
  • Updates

When you consider to develop your first mobile app for your business. Your business is realised the importance of the mobile app to grow the business and to reach wider audience. However, it is quite surprisingly many businesses do not consider the budget aspect of a mobile app. Usually this problem happens due to the lack of knowledge and underestimating the work behind the mobile app. Consequently, the mobile app development in long term becomes a serious weight on the company’s budget. However, this can be avoided. 

We created prepared this article to show you the long term needs of a mobile app;

- Ignoring backend development
One of the biggest mistakes with the mobile app development is the assumption of the mobile app is only what you see on the screen. The resemblance hinder the processes going under the mobile app, the backend. 

The reality of a mobile app is far more complex than what you see on your screen. The screen is only the tips of the ice berg.  There are variety of systems running behind a mobile app, cloud systems, APIs structure, social media login integration, location system, content management system and more. 

Unfortunately, many businesses consider only the front-end initial cost as the total cost and allocate a wrong budgeting figure. By ignoring the whole cost, the mobile app development will never be able to offer the feature that you have designed at the first place.

- Mobile app ≠ Web site
A website is unfortunately not a replacement for a mobile app. On your screen, they may look both more or less the same. However, the technical backgrounds are very different. 

The background of a mobile app needs a smooth integration of front-end, CMS third-party software and the backend. This structure is more complex than a web site. As the mobile app project has to operate complex tasks, more time and effort has to be involved and the consequently, this increases the cost. However, what you will be getting from a mobile app can’t be achieved by a website.

- Marketing Budget
A good product markets itself! That was a correct statement in 1930s. However, the time has changed and customers are exposed to more products and especially the mobile apps. Even the best mobile app needs the thrust power of the marketing and PR!

Marketing and PR efforts are part of your investment to your mobile app. They will bring new customers and increase the downloads. As the mobile app market is very competitive and very saturated. Your mobile app has to be promoted to create the momentum. Usually, many mobile app owners skip this step due to the underestimated costs. 

The cost of marketing and PR should be added to your budget before it is too late. Also, you have to specify target. Such as; 6-month time or 10,000 new users or downloads. Due the structure of the online marketing, it is very unlikely to reach your targets without the help of marketing and PR.

- Updates
You may have remembered the updates from our previous blog post. Updates are the blind spots of the mobile app budgeting. For many companies, updates are not considered seriously inside the budget and this causes serious problems in long term as the mobile app has to be updated.

It is very important to keep your mobile app updated frequently to match with the expectations of the users. Users are expecting a seamless app experience, lack of bugs, no data privacy issues. Unfortunately, you can’t develop a mobile app and never update it. Also, Apple is not pleased with the mobile apps that are not updated. You may read it here

Continuous revisions and improvements are crucial to meet the demands of the users and the industry. Therefore, always consider the cost of updates whilst building your mobile app budget.

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