How You Can Benefit from the Smart Watch Era

  • Watches are the most personal and closest gadget to humans.
  • In future, health insurance policies will rely on your personal health data from your smart watch.
  • Apple’s promotion has boosted the market and increased our awareness of the gadget.

When smart watches entered into our lives, the way we interpret and interact with technology dramatically changed. Once upon a time, smart watches were something from the Star Trek series and we thought that they would not be available for a very long time. However, things have changed now. The Star Trek technology is just a few metres away from us.

The smart watch market is growing steadily year after year, as consumers are getting used  to the idea of using smart watches. App development for smart watches has become important. It is a platform that can’t be ignored. This is especially true for companies who are looking forward to using the latest technology for reaching their customers. 

We decided to cover the topic to briefly explain how you can benefit from smart watch technology.

1. A smart watch is the most personal and closest gadget to humans. Until now, smart phones and tablets were never this close to the human body. The smart watch is the only gadget that we wear while we are using it. Every time we check out a smart watch, we are exposed to the expose ‘..apps..’ PERHAPS? that are installed. Also, the notifications are just a hand twist away. This means one thing. If you have an app for smart watches, your app will be exposed to the customer more often than those of your rivals. Every time the home screen of the smart watch is accessed, they will see your app and your notifications will be seen very frequently. Smart watches have changed the way we interact with gadgets.

2. WatchOS vs. Android. Apple Watch made the biggest sensation with the launch of their smart watch. The massive campaign to promote the Apple Watch, from luxury department stores to the health industry, increased our awareness of these gadgets. Despite the premature launch onto the market, Apple is still promoting the Apple Watch and the sales are going well for a very new gadget. The advantage of the WatchOS is the easy integration with your existing IOS apps and no fragmented device range, just 38 mm and 42 mm. There are only two Apple Watch sizes. Your app will perform perfectly on each Apple Watch and the interaction with the existing IOS app will be seamless. 

Regarding the Android, the story is quite similar to that of the Android device. It is fragmented. There are many smart watches that are running Android, from high end luxury watches to low end entry models. Despite this confusing environment Swiss luxury watch makers are interested in developing smart watches. They don’t want to miss the boat as they did with the Quartz revolution. The attention received by the Tag Heuer’s smart watch, ‘Connected’, was beyond the expectations of the company and it is running the Android. Even though the Android is behind the WatchOS, Android is an important platform as the high-end Swiss watch makers have to use this platform for their smart watches.

3. Smart watches are in the corporate business world. The health industry loved the idea of smart watches that can monitor your health. There are some rumours that in future health insurance policies will rely on the health data provided by your smart watch. Less gym, higher health insurance fees! The attention on the part of the health industry being paid to smart watches and their usage by the patience ‘ individuals..’ PERHAPS? strengthens the future of these gadgets. In addition, larger retailers are developing ways to use smart watches with their sales teams to improve customer relations. 

4. Making it easier. Smart watches usually act as a remote control for smart phones. For instance, checking out the latest train platform or reading your emails during a busy meeting can be done easily with a smart watch. The hassle of taking out your smartphone and stopping every couple of steps to read something is no longer necessary with the smart watch since it is so easy and quick to use. Paying your shopping, using SIRI, replying to messages are some of the useful functionalities of the smart watch.

5. The Future. Smart watches are an emerging part of technology. Apple’s promotion campaign has boosted the market and increased our awareness of the gadget. In addition, consumers are still learning how to use this new gadget. Market share is growing and Android is pushing hard to capture a solid market share. However, growth takes time. You may remember the first iPhone. No one ever imagined how the iPhone will come to take part in our lives and the features it now offers to make our way of life easier. It is the same story with smart watches. It is a growing and developing market. Also, products like Tag Heuer and the Apple Watch mean that they have not only introduced a smart gadget, they have also introduced a beautifully crafted time piece. The watch making heritage that is part of human history has been revolutionised by these devices. Not only useful, but also beautiful. 

Finally, the smart watch industry is developing. Ignoring this phase will result in regrets in the near future. It is important to develop your smart watch app in terms of your customers, and to start finding ways to utilise this new gadget to support your business. Being first on your customer’s wrist will pay off in the future