Vale Parking

Your car is safe at the hands of the vales. 
You will no more worry about your car after parking.  Use Valeparking to create a digital delivery form as to feel safe to deliver your car to the vales and parking lots. 
Let the vales and parking lots be at your service! You will be called by your name and, your car will be recognized. 
It takes just a push on a button to request your car at any time.  You will see the actual fees and, know if they are available for service. 
And what is more, it is completely free of charge!
All you have to pay is the fee of the parking lot or vale you will see on the application.  This application will allow you to view the receipt of the parking lot or vale indicating when your car is received so that you will see the actual fee you need to pay, which is an extra measure. 
With ValeParking, you care is always safe.  
Download now and, start using!!!