The application “save me mom” will keep you safe even you fail to push button when you are in panic.  When you are in a location, where you think that you may be in danger, a timer you have previously set will activate the system upon the respective time is up if you have a problem, which will then share with the people, you have added to the system, the route you follow and your location accordingly.  

A warning message will be sent to you 1 minute before the time you have set is up.  This warning message reads “the time is nearly over, are you still in danger?”.   If you think you are still in danger and, there is still way to go, you may extend the time or, if you are safe, you may turn off the timer.  You need to use the password you have set during the registration with the application to extend or turn off the timer due to security reasons. 
All you have to do is to identify the people with whom your location and route will be shared in case of emergency, after downloading the application to your smartphone.  If you feel that you are in danger before the time is up, you may push the panic button to inform the people you have chosen.