Şarkı Seç

You are now a DJ! 

With Şarkıseç , get the control of choosing the songs in cafes, bars, bistros and other locations where you are in. 

Download the application for free of charge, choose the location where you are in, select the song you want to listen to from the lists of songs offered by the location.  With Şarkıseç , use your chips to move your favorite song to the top of the list without waiting. 

What you need to do is so simple. 

Download the application to your smartphone; you may choose a user name, and register with the system using your Facebook account.  And then you may select your favorite song from the list to be played next.  
The song you have moved to the top or you have played will appear on the list with your name next to it.

The more songs you play in a location, the more chance you have to get known by the people using the application or sharing the location with you. 
Download the application now and, let your favorite songs be played.  

It is now your turn. 
Download it now and, start enjoying the entertainment.