Letter Crush

Are You Ready for Great Fun? 

Get ready for the experience of a perfect word play!

What about having a great experience enriched by different game variations and visual effects? 

Find the words among the letters constantly and randomly falling down and, be quick.  There will be a time and movement limitation.  You need to act strategically. 

- Breakable Stones: They will be among the letters, and it is up to you to remove them and, find longer words. 

- Joker Stones: You may get joker stones finding long words. 

- 4 Letter Stones: Use 4-letter stones you may get using your strategic movements to enrich your words. 

You are invited to have great funny moments with visual effects and sound effects. 

Get the maximum point and, leave your friends behind you.And be on the top climbing the game map. 

Download the game now and, enjoy the game.