Kongrem allows physicians to get information about the Congress of their interests held in Turkey and Abroad from a single point.  This eliminates the necessity for physicians to visit different web sites and, check the printed schedules tens of times as a routine during a congress they may attend. 

Kongrem allows physicians to easily access the contents of the congress and, create their own schedules of congress by means of adding any session of their interests to their schedules.  Physicians are free to use the function “Yerimi Bildir” to let their colleagues know which congresses and sessions they attend during the respective session, and turn their interests in science into a social sharing platform.   

Physicians may use the page Programım to easily access their special schedules and, will not have to search for the sessions to attend among their busy agendas.  A session added to the program will be shown in a calendar form for physicians warning them when a session is about to start. 

Kongrem iPhone application will let physicians to add their colleagues to their own lists.  They may use the function “Yerimi Bildir” to share their scientific education activities to their colleagues.  And also they may real-time follow the scientific education activities of their colleagues who also use the function “Yerimi Bildir”.