You need no longer to carry your plastic shopping cards in your wallet.  Feel free to access your store, discount and shopping cards from your smartphone. 
It is now the time to download and use CepKart into your smartphone. 
All the cards are now together!
Hundreds of cards for clothing, markets, fuel oil, cosmetics, health, travel and many more are right here for you. 
Free and easy!
CepKart lets you track and see the campaigns for all your cards from a single point.  In addition, you will be able to immediately access special opportunities for you and, receive great discounts. 
-Choose the design color of the application

-Bring together your brand cards

-Follow up the discount messages from your brands from a single point

-Access your personal opportunities for discounts

-Don’t miss special opportunities for your region

-Easily access the current brochures of the brands

-Backup all cards in your cloud account.